I have been working as a physiotherapist since 2001. My specialist fields are neuro rehabilitation and orthopaedic manual therapy. In addition to practicing in the private offices “Health19” and “Kompakt”, I work as an external lecturer at IMC FH-Krems.

My therapy is always based on the “positive approach”. This approach directs attention to the given potential of my patients.

To obtain best results with my patients as well as students, I maintain steady exchange with an international expert network in various medical areas.


Professional Development

Since 2020
Lecturer in the physiotherapy study program at IMC Fachhochschule Krems

Since 2019            
Independent physiotherapist at “Therapiezentrum Kompakt”, 1200 Vienna

Since 2011            
Independent physiotherapist at “Gemeinschaftspraxis Health19”, 1190 Vienna

Lauch of “bee – business exercise education”, a software-supported instruction program for active muscular-skeletal training in the office www.bee-energized.com

2009 – 2013       
Neurological Rehabilitation Center Rosenhügel, Vienna
Treatment of neurologic and neuro-orthopaedic patients

2008 – 2009       
Rehab-Clinic Walenstadtberg, Switzerland                                                                             
Treatment of patients in the fields of neurology, internal medicine, and orthopaedics

2007 – 2008      
Kaiser Foundation Hospital, California, USA                                                             
Postgraduate physiotherapy program: Training as PNF-Therapist

2004 – 2006      
Rehab-Clinic Walenstadtberg, Switzerland (see above)

2002 – 2004      
Orthopaedic-rheumatologic specialist hospital Kurköln, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany

Training with Prof. Dr. Janda, Rehabilitation Clinic at Karls University, Prague, Czech Republic

Degree at Physio-Akademy, Wittlich, Germany

Additional training

  • Training as PNF-Therapist at KFRC, California, USA
  • Training as Manual Therapist (German Society for Manual Medicine)
  • Bobath basic and advanced course
  • Training as lymphatic drainage and edema therapist
  • Additional traing course in N.A.P. (Neuroorthopedic Activity-dependent Plasticity)
  • Kinesio-Taping; Taping in the field of sports
  • Spacecurl-Therapy
  • Physiotherapeutic sports counselling and training
  • Visceral manipulation
  • Functional electric stimulation
  • Skoliosis treatment
  • Neuroorthopaedics
  • Back therapy training
  • Rehabilitation of function
  • Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology
  • Electrotherapeutics

Special field PNF

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is a universal treatment concept, which is applied by physiotherapists all over the world. Since 1940 it is one of the most recognized treatment concepts in physiotherapy.


  • „Manueller Kontakt im PNF-Konzept. Wirkungsvergleich zwischen Fazilitation in Bewegungsrichtung und einem Griff um das Handgelenk”. (“Manual contact in the PNF concept. Comparison of effect between facilitation in the direction of movement and a grip around the wrist.”
    In: pt-Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten, 11/2009
  • „Das PNF-Konzept in der Praxis. Anwendung am Beispiel eines Patienten mit Hemiplegie”. (“The PNF concept in practice. Application at the example of a patient with hemiplegia.”)
    In: pt-Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten, 11/2009
  • „Power-Posen in der Physiotherapie“ (“Power posing in physiotherapy”)
    In: Physioactive 5/2015