Your therapy or training can take place from a distance with the aid of telecommunication systems. The application of teletherapy is possible or in many areas, for example after orthopaedic surgery, for treating neurological diseases or chronic pain. Furthermore, back therapy training, body posture and behavioural schooling as well as sport-specific single and group training can be attained from a distance.

For participation, you need a computer with camera, microphone and a stable internet connection.

  • Please do not place your mobile phone close to your computer, since the connection could be disturbed.
  • Please close all programs on your PC that you don’t need.
  • Wear comfortable clothes during online consultation, preferably without striped or checked pattern, because these can cause flickering on the screen.
  • Adjourn to a quiet room and make sure that nobody else will enter during therapy.
  • Have an mat ready in case you need to perform exercises on the ground.